Full Bar at Bar Sosta

“Bar Sosta is comfortable like your neighborhood pizza place but elegant like a fine dining restaurant. The cocktails, food, service, and ambiance all work together to create a unique, unpretentious, yet upscale experience. I highly recommend”


Pizza at Bar Sosta


Pizza at Bar Sosta


From the owners of Il Terrazzo Carmine and Carmine’s Bellevue, Bar Sosta offers Carmine’s luxury and elegance in an upscale pizza and cocktail restaurant. The classic flavors that patrons have come to love over the last 40 years are now transported into a neighborhood pizza place with a definitive upscale feel. Offering a full cocktail bar and Carmine’s unmistakable hospitality, Bar Sosta can be a quick bite, your full night, or anything in between. While patrons have celebrated birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, and every big life event with us for the last 40 years, Bar Sosta adds an everyday eatery to our collection that still promises to be a memorable experience. We look forward to serving you.


“Pioneer Square was dying for a pizza and cocktail place like this. It is no surprise that the people behind Il Terrazzo Carmine, a pioneer square institution, have created yet another gem that our neighborhood can be proud of. This is not just a neighborhood place either; the whole experience is worthy of coming from all over the city or even beyond”